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The eighth edition of Hansen & Mowens Managerial Accounting introduces students to the fundamentals of management accounting. Many business school students who are required to take a course in management accounting are not accounting majors. For these students, it is often difficult to appreciate the value of the concepts being taught. Managerial Accounting, 8e, overcomes this attitude by using introductory chapter scenarios based on real-world settings, photos illustrating practical applications of management accounting concepts, and realistic examples illustrating the concepts within the chapters.

Salient Features

1. The Most Current Coverage of Contemporary Topics. A new entire chapter on Activity-Based Management (Chapter 5), a new chapter covering Lean Accounting (Chapter 16), and a new appendix on Joint Product Costing (after Chapter 7) in this edition dedicate significant attention to the most current issues in managerial accounting today.
2. Connection throughout Chapter-Opening Scenarios. New chapter-opener cases now introduce a fictional company that is referenced throughout each chapter to connect and illustrate major chapter concepts.
3. New! Ethical Insights Boxes
4. New! Managers Decide Decision-Making Boxes
5. International Coverage. A full chapter (Chapter 18) highlighting international issues, as well as numerous international examples are integrated throughout the text
6. Integrated Use of Spreadsheets. To accurately reflect industry practice, this edition illustrates key managerial techniques, such as regression, using spreadsheets rather than cumbersome manual calculations.
7. Ethics Coverage. As with previous editions, the eigthth edition emphasizes the study of ethical conduct for management accountants.
8. Real-World Emphasis
9. Increased Coverage of Service Industry.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction: The Role, History, and Direction of Management Accounting
Chapter 2: Basic Management Accounting Concepts
Chapter 3: Activity Cost Behavior
Chapter 4: Activity-Based Product Costing
Chapter 5: Activity-Based Management
Chapter 6: Job-Order and Process Costing
Chapter 7: Support-Department Cost Allocation
Chapter 8: Budgeting for Planning and Control
Chapter 9: Standard Costing: A Managerial Control Tool
Chapter 10: Segmented Reporting, Investment Center Evaluation, and Transfer Pricing
Chapter 11: Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis: A Managerial Planning Tool
Chapter 12: Tactical Decision Making
Chapter 13: Capital Investment Decisions
Chapter 14: Inventory Management
Chapter 15: Quality Costs and Productivity: Measurement, Reporting and Control
Chapter 16: Lean Accounting, Target Costing, and the Balanced Scorecard
Chapter 17: Environmental Cost Management
Chapter 18: International Issues in Management Accounting


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